dw037 - Cordell Klier - arch lexicon (phi) / myth surpassing love surpassing myth

Alan Walker (c) 2008
Glitch and Drone. Two poles. Agitation and torpor. Competing for space in the same sonic landscape, these two forms are ably meshed in this, Klier's opus work. The tension between these diametrically opposed forms builds like a static charge crackling in random fractures. Chunks of noise shear away from the firma, spiralling into oblivion. There are few textual clues in this stark nhilistic work. The audacious challenge to the listener - to build free associations is implicitly stated from the outset. Klier's confidence in his medium of expression is masterful in this respect. This is a work that tests the limits of imagination; invites the listener to build visualisations, search for memories and associations, grasp for clues, inspiration, expectation. And that is what I like about it. It is a blank canvas to fill with the sum of one's experience. Klier does not worry about providing clues, tropes or metaphor - he trusts in his audience's own intelect to do the building. His soul is laid bare, and all we can do as humble consumers of this timeline of angst, is open our minds in return. Investing that trust will yield the reward; deny the trust and listening to this work will be an empty experience.

I cannot say that this is music to "like" in the aesthetic sense. Rather it is a work that offers the opportunity for immersion in a stochastic sonic rhetoric, where the rewards are by no means predictable and may change upon each listen.

This work pushed my emotional rudder off a few degrees on a new tangent - a collision of good fortune for an artist, and the mark of success in this ambitious project.

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