dw022 - Mystified - These Fragments

Larry Johnson (c) 2006
Thomas Park’s recent foray into the dominion of dark experimental music demonstrates that not only is he a master of beatless dark ambient drones but of melodic and strongly percussive dark electronic music as well. The title track “The Fragile” is a noisy venture into an opaque world of undulating drones thundering above subtle textures of electronics and samples. The aptly named “Deep Chatter” follows with the catchy babble of strong synth and keyboard samples along with heavy sympathetic percussion. “Backwards Remastered” is a cheerless, bluesy sounding piece with distorted guitar, sparse piano samples, and drum programming that give it an almost post-rock feel. With “Effreeti” the emphasis is on an assortment of repetitive percussive sounds. “Byzantine Time Remastered” is a dark, mellow composition with a beautifully simple minor-keyed melody, sad synths, programmed drumming, and brisk, ominous electronics flittering about in the background. What sounds like sound samples played in reverse set above layers of rolling percussion give “Feathered River” a surreal atmosphere. “Vacuum Grains” is a playful, abstract collage of thick drones, curious electronics, and static noise.

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