dw081 - Horchata - Crypsis

For this audio work I used code written in Python2.6 to manipulate sound files and modified NI Reaktor and Absynth Patches that produced evolving drones. Additional sounds were sampled from my modular synthesizer. Construction of these different elements was done using Sonar 9. Crypsis is the concept of an organism hiding to avoid detection by other organisms. This can be done by various means, such as camouflage or mimicry. Each of the song elements, there are 10 of them in this long one-hour ambient song, are from popular spirituals. I took the overall song structure and chord progression and used drones and long evolving sounds. I then create 10 tracks and morphed things into one long song. In essence, this song is a series of songs, hidden or avoiding detection through various audio manipulations. I also like the fact that some insects hide themselves from bats using sound absorbing body parts and some mimic sounds of echoes messing up the bats echolocation.

Artwork by Dieter Von Schramm

Michael Palace thanks Dieter Von Schramm, Nathan and Dark Winter and my growing family (SP, HP, TP).

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dw081 - Horchata - Crypsis (119 MB)

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Track 01 - crypsis (135 MB)

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