dw070 - Saiph - Diffusion

The three tracks in this release follow a strict concept of discovering the beast in your inner thoughts which hunt you and lead you to the "pre-world".  First, memories and deepest reflections mixed with childhood behaviors (1).  Next, traveling straight into a dense light and energy experience which seems to dissolve your consciousness (2).  Finally, being on your own, lonely and trapped in your own mind heading to the inevitable ending/truth (3).

Recorded 2008 - 2009

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dw070 - Saiph - Diffusion (100 MB)

Download Songs:

Track 01 - Einsames Element (29.6 MB)
Track 02 - Im Sonnenwind (32.4 MB)
Track 03 - Der Letzte Mensch (42.8 MB)

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