dw032 - Fractaled - Moments of Order

Ikecht - Leon Vlieger (c) 2007
With "Moments Of Order" Fractaled presents a concept album on the birth of the universe (I think titles as "Near Planck Time" and "Quark-Gluon Plasma" speak for themselves). This results in cold, noisy and spacey dark ambient (Inade would be a good point of reference, I think). The palette of sounds ranges from very dark ("Quark-Gluon Plasma" and "Ionized Universe") to nearly new-age-esque frail (the closing track "Carbon", which portrays the development of carbon-based lifeforms). With 75 minutes, it is a long album, also because "Two Billion Years" takes 28 minutes. Although I'm not shouting from the rooftops over this one, it's certainly not a bad album. I think that people that like Inade would do themselves a pleasure by downloading this album and giving it a spin.

Larry Johnson (c) 2007
Dark Winter has the courtesy of placing an asterisk beside tracks on its releases that “denotes recommended listening.” For this particular virtual long-player, however, it would have been more efficient to place the asterisk beside the .ZIP file for “Moments of Order” - that’s how strong of a release it is. Difficult to summarize in just a few words, but the rather ambiguous phrase “densely spacious dark ambient noise” comes close.

A blend of several influences - isolationist deepness, ambient darkness, cacophonous noise - while listening to “Moments of Order” you can take a humbling aural walk down an immeasurable corridor of vaporous sounds, let a blanket of spacious ambiance envelope you, listen in awe as rolling waves of dissonant noise crash around you, or even get a sense of that primeval soup of sub-atomic particles that sparked birth of the universe.

What sound/emotions is it that you want? Here’s the prescription: Something noisy and humbling - “Near Planck Time” or “Photon Decoupling” ; Something deep and primitive - “Primordial Nucleosynthesis” or “Two Billion Years” or “Carbon” ; Something dark and disquieting - “Quark-Gluon Plasma” or “Ionized Universe” ; Something harsh and powerful - “Electromagnetic Radiation”.

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