dw085 - Kirill Platonkin - Taiga Dream

This album was the result of experiencing a short stay in winter taiga on the north of Amur Region (Russian Far East). It is the place, located far from urban electromagnetic fields and urban destructive influence. It is the place, where wood stove begins to tell tales, where ancient forest spirits visit you while you are dreaming, where the North Star will sing you ethereal songs about inconceivable distant spots of the Universe, and where you can hear primordial night silence - every track is inspired by real things and phenomena. Go outside for making a step inside.

Cover art - Kirill Platonkin and Kevin Nelson (also known as Aeroshell)

Download Full Album:

dw085 - Kirill Platonkin - Taiga Dream (76.8 MB)

Download Songs:

Track 01 - Gentle Freezing (13.2 MB)
Track 02 - Thermal Oscillations (5.8 MB)
Track 03 - Song Of The North Star (12.2 MB)
Track 04 - Taiga Dream (17.5 MB)
Track 05 - Conversation With Spirits Of Wood (4.9 MB)
Track 06 - Wood Giant Spirit (15.2 MB)
Track 07 - Tales Of A Wood Stove (7.5 MB)
Track 08 - Sunlit Pinery (8.9 MB)

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