dw065 - Daina Dieva - Nakcia

Nakcia = night

Nakcia is a meditation of the enchanted time between the two suns, two all devouring creatures that are very alike yet never the same, they travel implying their order to the space and time, they devour each other and give birth to the race of hermaphrodite suns...

Flute, voice, guitar, noise, programming, carillon, texts by Daina Dieva
Lopsine text written in spring 2008
Mazam vaikeliui text written in winter 2009
Nakcia created for the Kupoles Gathering June 2009, Lithuania
Reconstructed, recorded and mastered in September 2009
Re-mastered by Ronny - Seetyca September 2009
Lopsine re-recorded & mastered September 2009

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dw065 - Daina Dieva - Nakcia (48.2 MB)

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dw065 - Daina Dieva - Nakcia (2.82 MB)

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Track 01 - Nakcia (61.4 MB)
Track 02 - Lopsine (6.35 MB)

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Lopsine - Lullaby (988 MB)

Lopsine - Lullaby on Vimeo.

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