dw036 - Joel Hinkle - as the flesh departs...

Honor your dead as you bury them!
Pray for the soul so it may be found.
Forget not the shell, once was him,
Filled with feeding that now abounds!

Dissolve, dissolve useless shell!
A hive of life now fills your remains.
The activity inside has made you swell,
As the flesh departs the insect now reigns!

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dw034 - Joel Hinkle - as the flesh departs... (87.6 MB)

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Track 01 - tribute* (8.77 MB)
Track 02 - burial (9.92 MB)
Track 03 - attempted repent (10.4 MB)
Track 04 - as the flesh departs* (11.6 MB)
Track 05 - the fading (10.0 MB)
Track 06 - insectarium (10.1 MB)
Track 07 - dissolver* (11.5 MB)
Track 08 - quiet moment* (15.2 MB)

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