dw004 - ANGELswing - Pennies On The Eyes Of Plastic

Figure I - We dance like pale soldiers on spines of the few and drain the skies of their color so they will no longer be blue

Figure II - and the ANGEL can continue to sing to lessen it's need but the rope it shall continue to SWING as it continues to bleed

Figure III - I shall despise what you say continue to be the hollowed out shell of the dead memory

Figure IV - a ghost of sorts lying forgotten on the floor knowing all the while that a coffins hatch shall forever continue to be a cellar door

All tracks recorded between July 2002 - April 2003
All tracks written by Adam Dollard (ANGELswing)
Recorded at Lucifers Ribcage (Courtice, Ontario)

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dw004 - ANGELswing - Pennies On The Eyes Of Plastic (83.6 MB)

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Track 01 - Like Vultures At A Funeral* (10.4 MB)
Track 02 - The Blood Is Dust (7.85 MB)
Track 03 - A Hollow Shell of My Former Self* (6.79 MB)
Track 04 - Pennies On The Eyes Of Plastic* (7.16 MB)
Track 05 - Darkness Spreads Like Rust (9.05 MB)
Track 06 - Vastator (4.35 MB)
Track 07 - Angels That Vomit Rainbows (8.17 MB)
Track 08 - I Become a Ghost Again (4.45 MB)
Track 09 - Asleep In The Chest Cavity Of The Depraved* (7.76 MB)
Track 10 - Wings Torn From The Spine (fade to black noise) (34.6 MB)

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